Steel construction for your house 240 m2!

Just with the help of 5 workers, the screwdriver and the instruction you will get ready-assembled steel construction of the building. Any construction for any buildings!


Everyone wants to have its own house which will be safe and comfortable. But it always takes a lot of time, efforts and money. The FestCraft company offers you the constructions of high quality. You can build a reliable house with our steelwork.

So, if you and your family dream of a big and safe house you shouldn’t wait for its building for many months and years. The FestCraft company offers the steel works, and thanks to them the house of your dream will be ready in a couple of days. The building of your dream-house won’t keep you waiting long!

Moreover using the steel works you can build not only houses, but also workshops, greenhouses, garages and garden houses. Our material of high quality also is suitable for construction of prefabricated houses. We can ensure you that your house will be built only from the qualitative material and safe, strong and robust.

Such material as rockwool or ecowool, which consists of mineral carries, is the best insulation material for construction. Only thanks to the ecowool in your house will be always prevail cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It is because the ecowool is the material of a high ecological quality that will protect your house from humidity and will keep the air tightness.


The advantage of such steel structures also consists in the fact that they are not only reliable and safe, but also it is very easy to assemble them.

The regular building requires qualified specialists and much time. But if you decided to build the house or garage from the steel structures, you wouldn’t need them. All you’ll need is just a small team of no more than 5 workers. They would be able to do everything quickly and in time. As a unit with the material there is detailed instruction, where it is clearly written what it is necessary to do. So, the possibility of mistakes is reduced to zero.

The steel structures are suitable for any region and for any weather. It is very important, that the steel structures can stand on the boiling hot summer and severe frosts. The thermal conduction of the steel is quite low. Our material withstands different temperatures, from -55 C to +40 C.

If you are interested in building a house in the shortest time and for reasonable money, our company will be glad to cooperate with you, we will provide you with detailed technical information about our materials.