Steel construction for your house 240 m2!

Just with the help of 5 workers, the screwdriver and the instruction you will get ready-assembled steel construction of the building. Any construction for any buildings!


If you are looking available way of building constructions using the steel structures the FestCraft company is the best helper in realization your plans.

We offer you the building construction with the help of steel works because installation of metalware is very easy and it doesn’t require any specific knowledge. Moreover it can be done without heavy machinery.

A lot of people think that steel works can’t be used for construction in any big and durable buildings and they are used only for building simple constructions, such as hangars, sheds, etc. But we can ensure you that it isn’t so. For disproving this myth we offer you just have a look at the Eiffel Tower, a skyscraper in Taipei (which consists of more than 100 storeys) or the royal residence of the Albert Hall in London.

FestCraft has a lot of advantages.

Among them we can’t but mention it is available for everyone and quite easy way of construction buildings with using of metalware.

- Also we provide a strict supervision at all stages of the implementation of projects with using of steel structures and moreover our materials have a very high quality, guaranteed by international manufactures.

- As for the prices we offer remunerative price policy on the basis of an optimum combination of price and quality and our discount system, which depends on the size of the order, will rejoice you.

- Fest Craft uses only innovative technologies for the production of light steel structures and we proud of our production capacities that permit to produce up to 26 thousand square meters of steels structures per month.

The steel works has a very wide area of its application. The large office buildings and shopping centers as well, as the residential districts could be constructed of such kind of material.

If you are looking for quick and qualitative building of construction for realization of your necessities (house, shopping center, office building), the FestCraft company is the best choice in the construction market with the use of steel structures!


Ordering the structure in our company you will be happy with the results.