Steel construction for your house 240 m2!

Just with the help of 5 workers, the screwdriver and the instruction you will get ready-assembled steel construction of the building. Any construction for any buildings!


Here you can find the main stages of the construction: from the planning a project to a transmission of a ready-assembled framework to the customer.

1) Creating a project. It means the creation of virtual architecture of the future building, the preparation of a project documentation, where all requirements and customer wishes will be described. It is considered to be “the foundation” of any construction on the first and very important stage, where it is necessary to take into account all the details of future construction. It can hasten all further actions. The preparation of the project can be done by a customer or by a highly qualified designer and an architect of the company.



2) The preparation of all the details of the future carcass. The coils of the galvanized steel is cut into strips in the factories. In a production the C-shaped profile form with the steel thickness from 0,7mm to 1,6 mm and with a height of section 89 and 150 mm is used as this technology has a good reputation. All the main details of the carcass are produced with the necessary holes and carvings right on the factory for facilitation and acceleration of the future assembly. If the technical documentation of the project allows, in such case many details could be gathered into small constructions. That will save time during the final assembly of the framework.

3)The lying of the foundation. This stage comes when the fabrication and preparation of all steel works on the plant is completed. It is important on this step not to forget to take all external communications, as after the final foundation this process will be considerably complicated. The framework of light and solid galvanized steel can be installed on any type of foundation. It is recommended to use flags of shallow burial depth with height from 150 to 300 mm or it can be strip foundation. Their use in conjunction with the use of light and solid galvanized frameworks allows erecting any type of buildings, even on the soft grounds.

4) Collection of the main elements of the structure. The assembly of the framework of load-bearing external walls and a system of inserted floors is very important at this stage. The framework of load-bearing external walls has the C-shaped form and consists of solid galvanized steel with the thickness from 0,7mm to 1,6 mm and a height of section 89 and 150 mm. The use of precision instruments allowed reducing step racks wall frames up to 400 mm that further affords to use any finishing agents. A system of inserted floors is the C-shaped galvanized steel frames fixed on the top necking of each floor.

5) The whole process of installation of framework takes very short period of time. For example, a team of 4-6 workers collects the framework for building with area of 150 to 200 square meters for 7-10 days. As our practice shows, if some elements of the framework have been already gathered into the finished constructions on the factory, it is possible to reduce the time of assembling of steel work to 4-6 days.

Here is a perfect framework for the future building – ready, reliable and meeting all the requirements!

The high-tech manufacturing of galvanized frameworks guarantees easy and quick construction, as well as the use of all finishing materials and further operation with the confidence in the future.